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Rant of the Day: Lollipop

June 9, 2008

First off congratulations are in order. Lil Wayne finally has a hit. ::golf claps:: Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan since his I was a stan for Cash Money back in the 7th grade. I always thought it was ridiculous how he never made it big. He had ridiculous talent, but just when it seemed like he would be a mixtape-in-the-back-of-someones-car forever he surprises us.

I first heard of “Lollipop” back in late March. I was impressed and from the first listen I knew it was going to be a hit. It started out slow, but built up fast and now he has reached a level where I have to complain.

First of all, there is a time to retire a song. I wish radio stations could retire songs after a certain number of plays, like TRL did ( or does I haven’t watched in ages). Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of hearing that damn growling “He’s so sweet….”. Its so overplayed. I heard it in the car 4 times yesterday in the span of 2 hours. No No NO!

When my 11 year old brother has heard the song enough to know what words go in the beeps, its gone too far.

When my dad who only listens to the radio when he’s in the car with me ( which is rare) knows the words, its gone too far.

When my mother, who is clueless to most things pop culture, knows who Lil Wayne is and can identify a song, it has gone waaay too far.

Wayne you owe me a milli for having to listen to this damn song over and over again.