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Where my girls at?

June 9, 2008

My homegirls @ the 6th Annual TV Land Awards.

Due to my mother and grandmother’s obsession with this show, I have seen all the episodes. So I can call myself a fan. I love the “Golden Girls”. It’s weird to see them so you know, old looking. They were old on the show and now they are older. Ugh, it kinda freaks me out. Bea Arthur looks hot as usual. I should try and find a pic of her when she was not elderly. Seriously, even when she was on “Maude” she was old. What’s up with that?

LOL. Anybody remember her being “Malcolm in the Middle”?


remember him?

June 9, 2008

DAMNNNNN!!!! Ok, I was an avid Roseanne fan. Not joke. And I loved me some D.J. Umm..well he looks interesting. Apparently TV Land had their 6th annual TV LAND Awards. Really? I guess just about anybody can haveĀ  an awards show.

P.S Where was I for the first 5 award shows?