Go Nana! Go Nana!

Darn. I couldn’t find a pic of Nana Lohan, I thought this would be a great substitute. I was watching my new favorite show today, “Living Lohan”. Ali Lohan makes me so sad. She seems sooo clueless. Dina was in full momager mode. Anybody notice how she was standing in the background watching Ali give that wack ass interview? I haven’t watched “Access Hollywood” in a looong time but when did Stacy London start interviewing people? That was random? Anybody actually see that interview on tv?  Oy. Best part of the show had to be when they went to that IMPACT thingy. Nana dancing? Classic! Worst part had to be when Ali was singing. I was embarrassed for the girl. Really, is it that serious of a financial situation that we have to pimp HER out? Come on, Dina.

Next week we get a peek at older brother Michael. I thought this show was supposed to be about Ali’s “career”?

Oh and can I get a count of how many times the phrase “mean girls” was said? Thanks.


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